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Revise, Revise, Revise is going on hiatus

HiatusI’m writing a book. But that’s not the reason for pulling out the tarps and wrapping this site in dust sheets for a while. Well, it is, a little bit. The fact is, I want to dedicate a blog to my book (which confusingly I’ve entitled Larry’s Book). The book is about one of Canada’s pioneers of palliative care, Larry Librach. It’s his last dispatches from the border between life and death. The final thoughts on the topic of a man who spent his working lifetime helping others to die well. So on the book’s blog I’m going to focusing on end-of-life care. Which means I’m probably not going to have the time to post anything here for a while. I’ve already redirected my own web address (www.phildwyer.ca) to the new site (which is at http://www.larrysbook.ca). I’m not taking this blog down. I may return to it when the manuscript for Larry’s Book is finished (I’m supposed to deliver it by June 2015). But I’m not planning on updating it soon.

If you’re following this blog I’m going to switch your follows to the new blog. If it’s not a topic you find particularly interesting, feel free to unfollow — I won’t be offended. I’m the one switching things on you after all. If you don’t follow this blog maybe you’ll consider following the End Of Life Blog. How we look after the dying is one of the most important issues facing Canadians at the moment. In the next 20 years the size of our aging population (the over 80s demographic) is going to double. That’s going to put a huge strain on the health care system. We’d better be ready for it.

Thank you for your interest. Please turn out the lights when you leave. Goodnight.

Larry’s Book — Dundurn, Spring 2016