A Reader Reviews

I just finished a story for my grandson, Red. He’s just had a little sister, and while I’m sure he’s excited about having a new sibling, I thought he might appreciate a gift just for him. Since he’s currently obsessed by Pirates and Squids I thought I’d tailor a story to my audience, so I wrote The Pirate & The Squid. The plan is to illustrate it with a) Pirate Lego, b) Fuzzy Felts, or c) some illustrations by Phebe, my daughter, and to put together a one-off book for Red.

My daughter-in-law Becky read him the story for the first time yesterday, and then interviewed him about it. He’s quite a demanding audience, as you’ll see, but at least he liked the story arc.

Here’s the link to the You Tube video: A Reader Reviews


2 responses to “A Reader Reviews

  1. HAHAHA!! Too cute!

  2. And he has a great point. What story isn’t improved by the judicious addition of a clown?

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