July Book: Underground

Well, what can I say? I’m a little late with this aren’t I? You’d be forgiven for thinking that I lapsed; failed in my New Year’s mission to buy at least one book a month at full price from a local independent bookseller (by an author I’d never read before). Readers with long memories will remember that it was a New Year’s challenge issued by Red Sofa Literary’s blog. The truth is I didn’t. Not at all. I’ve been spending up a storm since last June. I just haven’t been recording it in blog posts. I have an excuse. A series of them actually. My daughter was staying with us for a month. Then my son and daughter in law came over from the UK for a couple of weeks. Then I got the substantive edit of my novel back from Robyn Read. Revision, Revision, Revision. I sent it back to her for a line and copy edit. Revision, Revision, Revision. Lots of revision, not a lot of blogging. So. Underground. I bought this book back in April 2011, at Ben McNally’s on Bay Street. Actually, I cheekily invited myself to the book launch. Its author, Antanas Sileika, is the director of the Humber School for Writers. I graduated Humber’s Creative Writing course in 2009, so I felt comfortable just inviting myself in. At least I bought the book (and made him sign it for me). I was talking about the book last week with Robyn Read. She said the first ten pages are the “best opening pages of any book written last year,” in her opinion. Praise indeed.


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