Why I won’t be blogging the genesis of my novel

Some of my fellow classmates on the creative writing course at Humber College are blogging the creation of their novel as they go. I thought about doing that for about 30 seconds, but decided not to. Why?
Because it’s boring. Apart from other novice writers, who wants to know? Worse, it’s likely to turn ordinary readers off. Does the magician show you how his tricks are performed, before performing them? Of course not. Who would want to see the trick? Apart from other magicians.
But isn’t it one way to create buzz around your book?
What book? There is no book. There are just some words in a file on a computer somewhere. I’ll start thinking about creating a buzz for my book when an agent has read it and decided it’s worth pitching to a publisher, and maybe not even then. Maybe I’ll wait until it’s actually been accepted by a publisher, and I’ve made all the revisions they’ve asked for, seen the galleys, corrected them, and have a printing and a launch date. Maybe that would be a good time to create some buzz around the book – when it actually stands some chance to be a physical presence in the real world, and not just an aspiration in my head.
Plus, and this one is the killer for me, do I really want my potential readers to know what a lousy writer I really am before I am browbeaten into killing off the more self-indulgent passages in my prose, and the ridiculous plot twists I’ve thought out? It’s like going to a party half dressed. People don’t want to see that. They want to see you turned out in your best bib and tucker with your shoes tied and polished and your socks pulled up. Maybe you could even wear a tie?
Point is, nobody cares about our half baked work. Tragically, it’s unlikely anyone will care about our full baked work.


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